do not plan too much

do not think too long,

beautiful things

simply happen

do not plan too much

do not think too long

beautiful things

simply happen

“Minimu appeared out of nowhere, in 2008, like an unexpected calling, since I was coming from a completely different background, far away from fashion.
But i decided to follow this new, strange calling, as it smelled like an exciting promise, to which i could not but say yes.
It was like a dream. It was my dream. And i decided to follow it with hard work and dedication: matching fabrics, mixing colors, creating and inventing new ideas had the gift of magic. And i proceeded: with my family by my side, my hands at the heart of it and the desire to follow the calling wherever it took me. Since then, that thread has taken me and the business around the world, in the company of people and children who have become one big family—the Minimu family.”


This is the place where we draw, design and create our items for newborns and juniors, to be worn every day so that each day becomes a special day.
Produced in Italy from top to bottom, our collections have a singular mood and a contemporary flavour due to our typical raw cut and wide volumes. Children becomes even more beautiful when wearing our ideas. Without giving up movement and comfort.
We live in Emilia-Romagna, a territory where we love enjoying both free time and work time, because we want to do well everything we do. Minimù is born here, in this sunny region, where smile and optimism are keywords, and where attention to details and solid roots help us create an excellence product.
Each day is a special day for us, too.

  • Raw cut
    Much more than a simple detail, this is a main feature of our items. We love it because it gives to our clothes a natural, imperfect, soft effect.
  • Muted/soft colors
    We color our collections with natural tones, warm like earth and cold like water. They mix and match together and shift from light to shadow. Here and there, some brilliant touches to embellish and give a new feature to each collection.
  • Minimal design
    Very defined shapes and volumes, sometimes we love to add details: romantic for her, more sporty for him. A minimù garment is made of style, shapes, fabrics and colors.

    “Sustainability” means the lowest impact on environment.
    And we work and create our collections following this teaching. The word we prefer is respect. Respect towards the environment but also respect towards people we cooperate with and without whom we could not make our dream come true.
    We want to give new breath to skin, choosing natural yarns (cotton, linen, silk and wool) and certified finishing treatments respectful of children’ delicate skins. And we ask our suppliers to certify even the production process of yarns, which must be respectful of the workers.
    We prefer cooperate with suppliers near to us, to reduce journeys and pollution. As well as to grow the fashion net in our region.
    Made in Italy: all our garments are designed and produced in Italy and Europe. Made in Italy today is synonim of creativity, unique art and craftmanship.
    Sustainable means first of all durable. Thanks to the fabrics we choose, our garments can last forever, can be machine washed so many times and can be used from brother to sister again and again. Our innovative style is produced in a sustainable process.

Our items are born in Italy but our travel continues all around the world, because children from every place can wear them. They make you feel at home wherever you are!

An extraordinare lifestyle, unique and exclusive: the luxury in a minimù article is made of fabrics and colors, shapes and volumes. Our luxury concept researches nature and respect, curiosity and special features. It is the luxury of joy, of discovery, of knowledge.
If playing means growing up, our items play with shapes, they smile when together with children, yawn in the morning and relax in the evening. Our garments live and grow with our children and give them new inspirations. They are like play mates who grow with them.




from 3 up to 24 months, for little hers and hims. We use flexible and comfortable fabrics for our soft babies.
The necessary sweetness of this line is combined with the firmness of raw cut and geometric pattern, creating new and creative collections, where every baby becomes unique

from 3 up to 12 years
The minimù girl has a contemporary look, without loosing her romantic side.
The minimù boy is sporty chic, smart and sure. Always up to date.